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Micro Credits & Livelihood

Environmental Sustainability

The Rural Livelihood Program in West Bengal, located in the serene landscapes of Manipur, Sandeshkhali, and North 24 Parganas, is a beacon of hope and transformation for 200 women beneficiaries. This initiative, running from December 2023 to July 2024, is not just a program; it's a movement towards greener, sustainable living and economic empowerment. At its core, the program aims to enrich the environment by planting trees along roadsides, thereby contributing to climate change mitigation. However, the vision extends far beyond environmental rejuvenation.


Understanding the critical need for diversified income sources in rural settings, the program equips women with ducks, fish, and fruit trees, laying the groundwork for a resilient agro-based economy. These endeavors are intertwined with the cultivation of social community morals and obligations. Women participants engage in activities earning Social Capital Credits (SoCCs), fostering a community spirit centered around sustainability, education, and hygiene awareness.


The journey of these women begins with identifying suitable locations for tree planting, followed by the procurement and planting of high-quality saplings. As these women contribute to their community's betterment through various activities, they earn SoCCs, redeemable for ducks, fish, and fruit trees. This innovative approach not only enhances their livelihood but also instills a sense of ownership and responsibility towards their community's environmental and social welfare.


Key deliverables of this program include the successful planting and growth monitoring of roadside trees, alongside the health and productivity assessment of the ducks, fish, and agroforestry projects awarded to the beneficiaries. With an anticipated income increase through these initiatives, the program aims to be self-sustainable in the long run. Expected outcomes include an income of INR 9,000 per year from duck egg sales, up to INR 20,000 from fish farming, and INR 3,000 per season from the fruit trees.


The Rural Livelihood Program's success will be measured through meticulous monitoring and evaluation, focusing on the survival rate and health of the plant saplings, as well as the ducks, fish, and trees distributed to the beneficiaries. Productivity from these agro-based activities and the resultant income increase for the beneficiaries will serve as key performance indicators.

LOCATION: Manipur, Sandeshkhali, and North 24 Parganas


  • Fostering an environment where women are at the forefront of driving change, the Rural Livelihood Program not only aims to uplift the economic status of rural women in West Bengal but also to instill a lasting impact on the community's environmental health and social fabric. This initiative is a testament to the power of integrated development strategies in building sustainable, empowered communities.

This project contributes to 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


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