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Girls empowered by digital literacy and health knowledge

Asia Initiatives projects span from over 20 sites across India, Kenya, Ghana, and the United States. We are proud to present our programs, each of which takes a holistic approach to development, through education, health, livelihood, and women-focused initiatives.

Education & Technology Initiative

Technology has become synonymous with opportunity, and digital knowledge centres utilise SoCCs to create educational and professional advancements that in turn contribute to alleviating poverty.

Women are using the SoCCs program to secure low-interest loans to develop or expand their businesses, ensuring financial security for their families whilst advancing their sense of confidence and personal empowerment.

Environmental Sustainability Initiative

Working in rural and urban communities, SoCCs are used to promote economic and environmental sustainability through improved farming techniques, waste-management and hygienic living.



Women and girls are provided with the tools needed to live healthy lives, whilst concurrently creating independent choices concerning their own bodies. On a community level, this initiative also contributes to societal advancement, and economic development.

Community Initiative

In both rural and urban settings, this initiative encourages people to become more involved with their communities by doing social good and enhancing livelihoods through issues such as hygiene and food security.

Micro Credit and Livelihood Initiative


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