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Our partnership with Ruaab, a garment production company owned and managed by craftswomen from the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), has empowered 390 Delhi women artisans to join the SoCCs program. In 2019, we switched our focus to adult literacy. Asia Initiatives has partnered with SEWA (the Self-Employed Women’s Association) to promote economic empowerment and drive education initiatives by improving literacy for women weavers in Delhi. SEWA is the world’s largest organization of informal workers and the largest nonprofit in India, with over two million members. Asia Initiatives implemented SoCCs with over 200 women to help them gain skills that will enhance their ability to gain profit and success. Women earn SoCCs for timely delivery of products embroidered without mistakes, community cleaning drives, and attending SHG meetings. Women redeem SoCCs for Adult Literacy classes.

The women artisans also earn SoCCs for opening bank accounts to encourage savings habits, vaccinating their children to reduce infant mortality rates, and sending children to school regularly. Individuals may redeem iSoCCs for LED lights for homes, tutoring services, and sanitary supplies to promote home cleanliness, while the community may redeem CommSoCCs for recreational activities and group insurance.


Environmental & Sustainability

Micro Credit & Livelihood

LOCATION: New Delhi, India


  • Women earn SoCCs for timely delivery of products weaved without mistakes, community cleaning drives and attending SHG meetings

  • Redeem for Adult Literacy classes

This project contributes to 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



  • 6 Slums involved in our program 

  • 1 community toilet and several trash bins have been installed in the Ashok Nagar area by the Delhi Municipal Corporation

  • 350 artisans benefitted

  • 6,60,000 dollars allocated to our project 

  • Artisans became self reliant and Financially independent through opening accounts in cooperative.

  • Artisans realized the importance of Cleanliness, and some of them took self group initiatives to keep their community also clean.

  • Children of artisans have started going to school regularly, mainly due to the regular field checks by the Ruaab Team.

  • Health Check up enquiries increased and self health awareness increased.

  • Production Quality improved

  • Timely Deliveries and production capacity improved.

  • Apart from members associated to Ruaab and SoCCS, many other women also started attended community meetings.


  • In 2019, adult literacy projects are organized in which 89 participants benefited from. 

  • A mass cleanness drive was organized in Raghubir Nagar in April. 

  • A total of 163 women were mobilized who went on to successfully complete the adult literacy curriculum.

  • 40 women artisans skilled in handicrafts work

  • 52 aagewans - SEWA’s frontline community development leaders who mobilize and organize women for community development initiatives – proactively worked towards raising awareness and initiating dialogue among people on various community development issues.

  • 11 youth girls and women participated in the Each One to Teach Many initiative


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