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Cascades of Learning, being implemented in partnership with Shohratgarh Environmental Society with support of Asia Initiatives, is designed to support young girls, who live in resource-poor settlements of Lucknow, India, have inadequate support for their education and development, and have to deal with issues such as gender inequality, early marriages and poverty. Project intervention aims to improve the livelihood potential of the girls by ensuring that they stay and succeed in school and teaching them life- skills necessary to address the challenges they are facing. Most importantly, the project does not only prepare the girls for a better future, but also positively impacts the lives of their families, communities, and society at large. This program works on educating the girls on Digital literacy, English literacy & Social emotional learning. Adolescent young girls in this program earn SoCCs by tutoring three younger children, and redeem them for observe sessions run by international and local mentors.

The observe program is designed by The Centre of Living City with support from the Ford Foundation and aims to develop the voices of the youth by guiding them to pay attention to their cities, understand its functioning, and rethinking the city based on their observations. Observe-Home Edition is an extension of the observe program to help students pay attention to their neighbourhood through simple tasks that they can undertake from their homes.





LOCATION: Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, India
KNOWLEDGE PARTNER: Center For Living Cities


  • Girls in the community found various issues addressed on behalf of the communities and put serious efforts to work on these.

  • 140 adolescent young girls enrolled in the program.

  • 90 girls started in both online and offline mode 

  • 9 mentors are from outside India and work with 3 community facilitators of team Udaan.

  • Each mentor had a weekly session with 4-5 students where students were shown the videos, posters & questionnaires format and discussed the content in relevance to their community.

This project contributes to 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


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