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The DIET (District Institute of Education and Training) SoCCs Program, spearheaded by Karunodaya, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing literacy levels among Primary Grade Students (Grades 1 to 5). In collaboration with SCERT (State Council of Education Research and Training), the program strategically involves 170 pre-service teachers from DIET in establishing Children's Libraries and Library Corners in 37 Middle schools. The overarching goal is to bring 3500 students to grade-level reading proficiency within a two-year timeframe from December 2023 to December 2025.


The beneficiaries of the project will be pre-service teachers (170 individuals will undergo training and actively contribute to the program's implementation); number of schools (the initiative spans 37 Middle schools, ensuring a broad impact on the education landscape); and

students of grades 1-5 (a total of 3500 students are targeted for improved literacy and grade-level reading proficiency)

Operational Method:


1. Development of Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs): DIET Students are tasked with creating and presenting 7 Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) centered around different activities aimed at improving literacy skills among primary grade students.


2. Reading Support in Hindi Language: The pre-service teachers actively contribute to improving reading skills in Hindi for students in Grades 1 to 5. This involves actively participating in reading sessions and facilitating an environment conducive to language development.

3. Worksheet Assistance: On a monthly basis, DIET Students dedicate 2 hours to assist primary grade students in completing worksheets. This hands-on approach ensures practical application and reinforcement of the skills targeted for improvement.

The expected outcomes of the DIET SoCCs Program include literacy rate enhancement, with a targeted improvement in the reading skills of 3400 students in Primary Grades across 37 schools; TLM innovation with a focus on the development and implementation of diverse and effective materials; pre-service teacher empowerment; teaching methodology enhancement, where pre-service teachers will gain proficiency in Children’s Library activities, and equipping teachers with effective strategies for utilizing TLMs, enhancing their overall teaching methodology. Finally, through active participation and engagement in the program, both students and pre-service teachers are expected to develop a heightened sense of responsibility towards their educational journey, fostering a more proactive and involved learning community.


Education & Technology

LOCATION: Bihar, India
LOCAL PARTNERS: Karunodaya and SCERT (State Council of Education Research and Training)


  • Pre-service teachers will play a pivotal role in setting up libraries and Library Corners in individual schools.

  • Program emphasizes capacity building for pre-service teachers.

  • Empowers pre-service teachers with essential digital skills.

  • Aims to install a social sense and community engagement among participants through collaboration with DIET’s Labs Schools.

This project contributes to 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


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